France Is The Oppressor, They Continue To Continue to keep Southern Cameroon Captive

The moment an oasis of peace and stability in Africa, my wonderful house area of Southern Cameroons is at the moment going by way of excruciating pains, seemingly worse than the Rwandan genocide of 1994: our men and women are really being exterminated like cockroaches. Virtually two several years have gone by and, I am certain, the UN and AU have not demonstrated any authentic dedication to mediate in this menacing predicament. It is nicely known that France is pulling the strings to maintain our nation, total of rich human and natural means, captive.

In the current situations, it is imprudent for Grand Masters to parade the corridors of the Unity palace, and dine with, and confer accolades on, a president whose dormancy is suspicious a man who, considering that the introduction of the current crisis, has refused to shear the sheep. This disaster that has steadily degenerated to a civil war is no longer an inner affair. It is fairly a worldwide menace to peace and balance due to the fact Cameroonian patriots all in excess of the globe and Africans of very good will are affected. It is no more time an inner affair since the authorities has violated the universal declaration of human legal rights in all facets. Solent Family Mediation Reading services

What ought to we do? There is urgent will need for cease-fire from each sides. I vehemently condemn all armed robbers and bandits who are getting gain of the circumstance to loot and harass peaceful civilians. A tranquil resolution can only be doable with the mediation of a third get together mainly because the persons of Southern Cameroons have misplaced assurance completely in the Biya regime. Looking at the aloofness of AU and UN, the Usa stands in the place to mediate at this time. Notably, the situation of Southern Cameroons has been a subject matter of dialogue at Capitol Hill with adequate proof of untold human legal rights abuses and the subjugation of the people of Southern Cameroons. As the crisis worsens by the working day, can the Overseas Affairs Committee of the US Congress revisit the case of Southern Cameroons? Sincerely, can my friends in the US recommend on what else we can do to persuade the US to action into this bloody disaster? Are the folks of Southern Cameroons a lot less human than the men and women of Libya, North Korea or Syria? Please aid us, our people today are perishing!

Permit us pray! God is not useless. He sits on the throne, and in the finish He will be King and decide but before the close arrives, we must commit ourselves listed here and now to get the job done for justice, peace, and equality.

“African politicians should discover to retire at a minimal age of 70 several years, but somewhat we have packed aged males in our management, how could we transfer ahead? Some are even higher than 80 yrs and however ruling.” (Kofi Annan)