Remarkable LifeFlow Meditation 2. Review & Download

Michael Mackenzie made the LifeFlow mediation method. On his web-site he states that ‘within 8 minutes‘ you will start to experience the satisfaction of joyful endorphins and anti-growing older hormones flowing by means of your mind and system.

Daring assertion… suitable?

From my personal experience, this assertion lives up to its assert. Inside of 15mins I knowledge a calmer head state with pleasurable emotions by my overall body.

LifeFlow mediation 2. is a great brainwave entrainment method. It will take you through successively ‘lower’ audio tracks to produce and expand your intellect. This will foster ‘whole mind thinking’ or ‘whole brain synchronization’. Entire mind wondering is when the two hemispheres of our brain, left and right, operate in harmony with each other. This provides unrivaled focus with a potent feeling of peace & fulfillment.

LifeFlow Meditation method attracted me due to the fact of the very low price tag tag, as opposed with other brainwave entrainment plans..Meditation has been scientifically proven to assist you to reduced pressure and stress and anxiety. It also assists to boost psychological clarity..

There are a variety of motives I choose to use LifeFlow meditation. I use LifeFlow mediation to place me to slumber if I can not wind down in bed.. I use it to rest and unwind soon after a stressful day at do the job and I only want to pay attention to the observe for 20minutes to deliver the wished-for outcome. The whole 40min duration of the monitor is perfect when I want to go into a deep meditation/reflection point out.

Though you can continue on on with the relaxation of the application, my assistance is to grab the initial observe and see how you go.


Lifeflow consists of 10 Stages, separated into 10 40min audio tracks (mp3s). The tracks can be played on any mp3 player. Just download it and begin actively playing!!

Reward tracks:

1) Innovative Circulation – $67 benefit – This track claims to “guidebook you into an pleasant and inspiring theta brainwave point out involved with enhanced creative imagination”. To accomplish responsibilities, that require further creativeness, I basically pay attention to this monitor.

2) Optimal Learning – $67 worth – This track statements “You will increase retention and master with a lot fewer mental hard work”. I individually boost my mental clarity while listening to this monitor.


The LifeFlow Mediation method carries on to work very nicely for me. I normally pay attention to a keep track of when I sense stressed out or nervous. I will either be up and about, or simply just lying down. It has a profound affect on my consciousness. The price of LifeFlow mediation is nothing at all in contrast to the gains. You can obtain mp3s promptly. I endorse LifeFlow 9/10!